Staff & Business Portraits

We give your company a high quality face.

Authentic employee portraits make your company likeable.

We help you with the concept of the imagery with professional advice and preparation of the photo shoot so that the shoot is a complete success.

Staff Photos

Your employees at their best

Professional and authentic employee photos on your website and other digital channels are important for a trusting, first impression on potential prospects and customers - they should become a positive unique selling point for your company. In order to present the company as authentically as possible and thereby save productive employee time, we recommend holding the photo shoot on site at the company premises.

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Authentic and polished!

Professional & natural retouch

With us, business photos are generally always reworked & retouched. When it comes to retouching, we attach great importance to naturalness! We are primarily concerned with a fresh and harmonious complexion. Impurities are removed, skin redness is eliminated and unwanted shiny areas of the skin are eliminated. The under-eye area is lightened slightly to reduce dark circles. If desired, wrinkles on the face or neck can also be reduced. In the end it is important that contours are preserved and that the picture looks natural and the skin does not look too smooth.

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